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Pop music. It’s the songs with catchy hooks and captivating grooves that reverberate all over the globe. These songs connect us across oceans and beyond borders, forming links to the past, present and future. Pop songs are the stuff of legend. But did you know that the most legendary pop stars share the same musical DNA?

From the creative force behind Who’s Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience comes, “Who’s Bad 20/20: The Evolution of Pop.” This high voltage, multi-sensory experience delves deep into the universal songbook of popular music from the funk of the ‘70s to the electro-pop of the 21st century. By blending the most sweet-sounding rhythms and harmonies of yesterday and today, we connect the musical dots to illuminate the ancestry of today's hit songs. The result is a mind-blowing journey through decades of music that winds your favorite songs around each other, like a twisted ladder, to create a mesmerizing production of the most legendary pop stars on one dynamic stage. 

Like its name implies, “The Evolution of Pop” is a visionary musical continuum saluting the icons of the past who paved the way for the Jumbotron-sized pop stars of today. As our musical landscape constantly shifts, “The Evolution of Pop” boasts years of performance experience at the world’s most renowned stadiums and pavillions, leaving international audiences awed and yearning for more.

This assembly of superior performers provides hardcore fans epic renditions of the most timeless and recognizable pop favorites, seamlessly woven together like a double helix. “Who’s Bad 20/20” binds the DNA of music’s past, present, and future to deliver the ultimate tribute to pop music’s infinite canon.

The unparalleled showmanship, high level musicianship, and extravagant stage production of “The Evolution of Pop” leaves no pop gemstone unturned, promising a sing-and-dance-along guaranteed to ignite music fans of all ages.

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