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Our Shows

are nothing short of a mesmerizing and compelling display of talent. With studious attention to detail, each production by Who's Bad Music is a sonic and visual odyssey, an experience you won't soon forget. Prepare for dance-packed spectacles that will have you grooving all night, without breaking the bank!

The best part -- we travel to you.

Step into the ultimate experience with Who's Bad Music productions.

Who's That Girl


Who's That Girl: the Ultimate Pop Diva Experience is an electrifying stage show that celebrates the iconic female artists who have dominated the pop music scene over the decades. With stunning vocals, show-stopping choreography, and dazzling costumes, Who's That Girl takes audiences on a journey through the greatest hits of the world's most beloved pop divas.



Who’s Bad’s live performance is an unrivaled celebration of pop music’s one true King. Their power-packed performance of Michael Jackson’s expansive catalog has united and ignited crowds on almost every continent, and can only be described as a jaw-dropping, musical must-see.

The Evolution of Pop


This high voltage, multi-sensory experience delves deep into the universal songbook of popular music from the funk of the ‘70s to the electro-pop of the 21st century. By blending the most sweet-sounding rhythms and harmonies of yesterday and today, we connect the musical dots to illuminate the ancestry of today's hit songs. The result is a mind-blowing journey through decades of music that winds your favorite songs around each other, like a twisted ladder, to create a mesmerizing production of the most legendary pop stars on one dynamic stage. 

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